101a - Introduction to Digital Media
101b - Art as Information
103 - Art as System
103 - Art as System Advanced Projects
104 - Interdisciplinary Seminar in Art & Technology
105 - Advanced Digital Video
106 - Human/Machine Interface
178 - ISEA/ZeroOne Artist Residency Project
180 - Independent Study Research Paper
199 - BFA Project
210 - Digital Media Graduate Seminar
You have reached the undergraduate work site of Aaron Siegel at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University.

His concentration of study is on dynamic information visualization systems, complexity, and emergent behavior.

He is currently attending the Design|Media Arts graduate program at the University of California Los Angeles. Feel free to visit his graduate work site and his portfolio site.
New Media Art
The critique, speculation, and experimentation of information technologies.

New Media Science
Empirical analysis of data using different transposition techniques. Rethinking epistimological attainment, utilizing the contextualization of perspective to further analyze what may remain unseen in a different form.

New Media Theory
What are the boundaries, if any, between the artistic disciplines and the scientific ones? What defines a medium, and how does it influence the entities that exist within it?