code: the asmuth mysteries



iP landscape is a data visualization project in which I used the open source data sniffer Carnivore PE to collect an image of the data corpus of several sites near the SJSU campus. This project is a waaypoint along the road to a self contaned art product that engages the the data flow as a visual plane in the place of the the digital output of iP octets. These static data sets become captures of time and place in the traditions of landscape photography but compostionally determinate on the code, place, traffic on the

The process used to draw the the images (fields) is completely rendered by code. The method is an API drawing and fill method:

function rgb2col(red, green, blue) {
return ((red*65536)+(green*256)+(blue));
var r:MovieClip = createEmptyMovieClip("rectangles", 2);
r.beginFill(convColor, (domainArry[0][3]/255)*100);
r.moveTo(domainArry[0][0], domainArry[0][1]);
r.lineTo(domainArry[0][0], (domainArry[0][1]*2));
r.lineTo((domainArry[0][0], domainArry[0][1]*2));
// notice that the shape will be filled automatically
// without having to draw the last line
// start a new rectangle of a different color in the same clip

for (i=0; i<domainArry.length; i++) {

    var x0 = domainArry[i][0];
    var y0 = domainArry[i][1];
    var x1 = 2*domainArry[i][0];
    var y1 = domainArry[i][1];
    var x2 = x1;
    var y2 = y1+domainArry[i][1];
    var x3 = x1-domainArry[i][0];
    var y3 = y2;
    var red = domainArry[i][0];
    var green= domainArry[i][1];
    var blue = domainArry[i][2];

    var convColor = rgb2col(red, green, blue);

    r.beginFill(convColor, (domainArry[i][3]/255)*100);
    r.lineStyle(1, get, 0);
    r.moveTo(x0, y0);
    r.lineTo(x1, y1);
    r.lineTo(x2, y2);
    r.lineTo(x3, y3);


Each of the data sets is extremely large and uses the octets of the receiver or sender iP address to render a complex movie object. the first and second octets are used to build the x and y location. for color the first three calculated the rgb and the last calculated the alpha of each field. note: these are GREAT-HOOOGE-TRACKS of... DATA. this version of the project will probably overwhelm your processor if you click anything other than the control called Space 1 and the data an open AP in downtown called Linksys . Floor 5 will give you momentary heartburn but then settle in; Student Union links will do it a little worseand so on

click on the last link COMPLETELY at your processor's own risk... come on you know you want to do it (after all you have that nifty intel-based mac lappy).





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