Lake Tahoe

Vera Fainshtein

Vera Fainshtein is a contemporary Californian artist who incorporates digital video, sound and theatrical stage-like sets to produce environments that purposely blur the boundary between art and life. Her current work is a good example of “lifelike” art, a term coined by the founder of the Happenings movement, Allan Kaprow. It is art that is connected to life and is at the service of life.

Vera's installations are preoccupied with and even dazzled by the space of the everyday existence. Her materials are common objects: old wallpaper, taste of red wine, an arm holding an umbrella, sounds of rain as well as thousands of other things... Encouraging the viewers to use their senses, the artist's ambition is to recreate a feeling of lived, felt space, a sensuous space, subjectively and bodily perceived.

Vera has received her BA degree in Design from UCLA and MFA in Digital Media Art from CADRE Laboratory at the San Jose State University. She currently teaches digital media, illustration and graphic design courses at two Bay Area community colleges.

"Siena", large-scale video installation

Siena is a life-size room installation. It's goal is to transport the viewer to the medieval town of Siena in Central Italy through the means of a digital video projection and sound. The time-lapse video, shot on location, depicts one of the most iconic squares in Italy, which is Piazza del Campo. Covered by fog, this dreamy landscape acts as a metaphor for the city itself, unchanged by the passing of time. Projected on large panels of fabric that form a triptych, the image acquires another dimension, i.e. greater visual depth and detail.

Materials: mixed media, sound, digital video filmed in Siena, Italy
Life-size room installation (width: 3.5' , height: 7' and depth: 10')

Image of Artwork