Lake Tahoe

Cody McCabe & Jeffrey Kam

Cody McCabe (on the left)
An artist and maker from San Jose, CA, specializing in sculpture of wood, metal, and plastic, Cody is the lead artist and creative director for Real World Minecraft. Along with a small team, Cody created this project out of his love of the game and his desire to create interactive art. His art often deals with the duality of digital forms in physical space.

Jeffrey Kam (on the right)
A Digital Media Arts major at San Jose State University, Jeff is interested in digital worlds and environments, hence his passion for Minecraft. He has been playing since the alpha stages of Minecraft's development. In Minecraft, Jeff likes the challenge of constructing aesthetically pleasing structures with the handful of available blocks and exploring their relationship with the surrounding landscape. He also does web design and development.

Real World Minecraft 

Real World Minecraft. Real World Minecraft brings Minecraft to life with an interactive block environment, inspired by many elements from the game Minecraft. First presented at San Jose State University, the project received an amazing response from the community and major gaming blogs including Joystiq, Kotaku, and RockPaperShotgun. It was then featured at the first ever Minecon in Las Vegas, NV.

Size: 4'x4'x4'

Image of Artwork