Lake Tahoe

Bruce Gardner & Steve Durie

Bruce GardnerSteve DurieBruce Gardner
Bruce Gardner is a digital media artist living and working in San Jose, California. Common themes found in his artwork include data visualization, interface, and mapping. When he’s not working on art, Bruce can usually be found on his road bike riding through the hills in the Bay Area region as a competitive cyclist.

Steve Durie
Steve Durie has worked on projects involving digital media, installation, and performance. He was a founding member of the art/business hybrid C5. He also worked with public artists like Mel Chin. Steve’s interests include: visualization, interface, performance systems and game culture. He is a Lecturer/Advisor at the CADRE @ SJSU.

San Carlos Lantern Relay

The impetus for this project came out of the San Jose Dept. Public Works project funds for the San Carlos Streetscape upgrade and also a Donation of Leds from Phillips Lumileds Leds. Having been commissioned from the city to design a public art project that coincides with the San Carlos Streetscape upgrade, we have settled a specific design, that we have been presenting to both internal city bureau as well as various committee's for public review.

In the current design we are building a series of 8 vertical displays ~ 6 feet in height, each of which will be attached to street lamps. The displays and lamps will be installed on the south-side of San Carlos street from 4thto Market.

Each display is designed to illuminate various color combinations, and create pulsing, chase and syncing light patterns. Each display when installed would have a control system and series of sensors. One sensor would be a large ‘crosswalk-like’ button at the base of the street pole, which would encourage passersby to tap, rhythmic triggering of the light displays.

The control system for each LED strip would have a short loop memory of being able to play back each percussive sequence after a user is done playing. This would be analogous to creating a short rhythmic phrase that could be played over for about half a minute. he installation of this on the street, would create the spontaneous interaction of playing a light based instrument/game like the early electronic memory game called 'simon'

As a group, they will be visible down the street as a series of vertical lights. Each unit could be ‘played with’ by the public, as they make their way down the street. As multiple people get involved with them, there are various opportunities of play possible.

For example, one scenario might be for an individual to tap out a rhythm on one unit then proceed down the street to the next unit. At the second unit they can decide to mimic or play off of the one they passed or the one that is ahead. Various forms of play could be enabled for passersby as they grow to learn the options that are available to them in terms of creating light rhythms that are in sync or not with each separate system.

Another option is when the strips are not getting any input from anybody, that they start watching what each neighbor's pattern is and then start to mimic or combine it with what they are doing. Over time the strips would sync up again.

Image of Artwork