The Wedding Planners
Wedding Planner-Kristin Cully
The Bride-Jenny Hager

The wedding planners are responsible for the blueprint of the wedding event. This blueprint includes the orchestration of the ceremony as well as the vaudeville performances. Planning this event also entails coordination with the Wardrobe Madame, the Set Design Queen, Lost Chihuahua and other production aspects of the Wedding-Game. The objective is to design a monumental theatrical production about a wedding, combining the spectacular aspects of a high-energy rock concert, the unusualness and oddity of vaudeville, and the glamour and color of a Las Vegas extravaganza.

The Wardrobe Madame - Amber Shields

Capes are as ancient as the caveman, as futuristic as the moon man. They are unique garments that signify the super. Besides providing protection from the elements like desert storms, they separate the regal from the common, the super hero from the mere mortal. Inspired by Las Vegas, the wardrobe Madame's cape design capturs the essence of all that is grand, like Liberace, all that is sublime, like the Luxor, and all that is magical, like David Copperfield. They encompass the glitz, the glamour, the surreal, the kitsch, the vastness, and the wonder that is Las Vegas

Stage Design
Manager - Yasmina Dedijer-Small

The set of The Wedding Game is designed and built as a modular system which consists of 9, 4' by 4' stages that are raised 18 inches from the ground. These stages will be used by the various talent acts and will take on multiple forms during the game. Central to this system is a higher stage from which the Bride and Groom will observe the surrounding talent acts and festivities.
Also included in the overall design is an additional large and stationary stage which will be home to the band Lost Chihuahua.
The role of the Set Manger includes working with issues around set design, production, structural engineering, mobility, and on site coordination.
Core participants of the Set Crew include:
Jenny, Kristin, Nora, Sheila, Stephan, James, and Amber.

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