The Poker Club

The Club Members
Matt Mays, Jenny Hager, Lance Vickery, Amber Shields, Ron Goldin, Kristin Cully, and Glen Sparer.

Special Guests
Tai Goldin, Tony May, Tasmina Dedijer-Small, and Theta Belcher.

Trip Report

The Poker Club
The poker club plays poker. We provide the Wedding Game members a training ground for honing their poker skills in preparation for the Matrimonial Tournament to be held at the wedding event.

The head of the poker club underwent intense poker training under a well-known member of the underground poker dens of Texas. From there, he obtained real-life casino experience in order to better prepare the poker club for its challenge of playing in Las Vegas.

The origin of the name "poker" is still debated, some say it is derived from the eighteenth-centruy French game poque, others say from the German game of pochspiel. The first written reference to the game occurred in 1834, and its popularity quickly grew on the Mississippi riverboats of the time.

Poker, however, is more than just a game. The interpersonal banter, the nicknames and learning each other's style of play is all part of the poker experience. Learning to play the game without consciously thinking about basic rules and facilitating game flow is key to the rhythm of the poker game and the bonds that develop therein.

The Matrimonial Poker Tournament at the wedding event will be based on a fictional currency, initially distributed as a reward for successful participation in the Wedding Game. Throughout the wedding players will be able to come and go from the tables, and in the end the trophy will be "auctioned" off to the person with the most money remaining.

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