The Wedding-Game

by Jack Toolin
by the CADRE Laboratory

Watch the drama unfold!
Experience the trials and tribulations of planning the ultimate wedding experience.

The Wedding-Game is decisive reality television where out of the box weddings are the avant-garde. This new art form is a synthesis of docudrama, a game show, vaudeville showcase and rock concert.

Each Wedding-Game is a unique event complete with new players, social dynamics and of course a new bride and groom.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our first players:

Bride and Groom-

Jenny K. Hager
and Lance Vickery

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Social Milieu:
The Poker Club, Lost Chihuahua
  Joel Slayton
    Jan Ekenberg   Steve Durie
  Nora Raggio   Kristin Cully   Sheila Malone
  Amber Shields   Matt Mays   James Morgan
  Jeff Pizzo   Wendy Angel Ron Goldin
  Yasmina Dedijer-Small   Stephan Hechenberger   Marco Ryder
    Kyungwha Lee
    Glen Sparer    
        Chun Chang
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